About Us

Mission Statement

To protect the information technology assets of our clients through the use of education, technology and experience, while maintaining the strictest levels of confidentiality in the industry.

Company Profile

bulletRent-A-Hacker was formed in 1997 to afford everyone the means to protect their valuable information assets.
bulletMost cybersecurity firms' goal is to sell you security products, but our focus is on auditing, detection and proactive prevention.
bulletWe are "vendor-neutral" in that we are not beholden to any product manufacturer or distributor, allowing us the flexibility to recommend the product we feel best serves your needs.
bulletRent-A-Hacker, Inc. is a small privately held corporation with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, USA.


bulletFew firms have access to the wide range of skills at our disposal.  We are experts in the fields of:
bulletEthical Hacking of every type imaginable
bulletPenetration testing
bulletVulnerability assessment
bulletCertification & Accreditation
bulletE-Commerce systems security
bulletSystems Administration
bulletNetwork architecture, design & topology
bulletInformation Technology systems management
bullete-Commerce & internet development
bulletFinancial and Inventory Systems
bulletIP Telephony
bulletBusiness Continuity Planning
bulletProgramming & coding
bulletSocial & Human Engineering & psychology
bulletInformation Technology Law & expert testimony
bulletTechnical forensic investigations
bulletSecurity Policy and AUP drafting
bulletTelecommunications, electronics & phreaking
bulletCryptography systems
bulletAccess control systems & hardware
bulletExploitation & Denial-of-Service
bulletAudit preparation for GLBH, HIPAA, ISO, OCC, NIST, DITSCAP, NIACAP


bulletThe fees charged by many large cybersecurity firms are out of the reach of most individuals and small-businesses, yet it's often the "little-guy" that needs these services the most.   Rent-A-Hacker bridges that gap, with affordable custom tailored services designed to fit your exact needs and budget.



Rent-A-Hacker vs. Other Cybersecurity Firms



Wants to relieve you of your security headaches Wants to relieve you of your funds
Wants to give you peace of mind Wants to give you a piece of advice
Wants to create a secure environment using the most appropriate tools Wants to sell you high-priced security software
Is proactive Is reactive
Can teach you to think like a hacker to identify and counter security threats before they occur Can help you think like an IT tech to identify security incidents after they occur
Has firsthand experience Has read about it
Wrote the tests Has the Certifications
Charges affordable rates directly commensurate with what we do for you Charges "industry-standard" rates based on an over inflated industry
Uses plain English like "Here is how to solve this problem." Uses buzzwords like "Leveraging our robust fully-integrated cross-platform enterprise-wide instantiated solution tends to mitigate this vulnerability."
Educates Demonstrates
Consults Presents
Listens Preaches
Secures Sequesters
Are security experts Quotes security experts



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