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Rent-A-Hacker, Inc. enforces a strict "no spamming" policy with regard to electronic communications. We do not send unsolicited electronic communications, nor do we expect to receive any.  Unsolicited facsimiles are unlawful and will be reported.

"Crackers" against our website or systems will not be tolerated. If you intend to engage in either of these activities, read the U.S. Code pertaining to unsolicited communications and illegal entry into a computer system without permission first, then consider that our systems, in their entirety, are considered "Internet Network Resource Providers" thus increasing the penalties and likelihood of prosecution.  As a participant in the FBI InfraGard Program, we report all unusual activity with regard to our site to US Federal law enforcement authorities, and we will actively seek prosecution in cases of attempted abuse.

Rent-A-Hacker, Inc. accepts a wide variety of subject matter for assignment. Please note the following exceptions:  We do not tolerate child pornography, cruelty to animals or illegal activities.  See our warning below.

Violators subject themselves to the possibility of prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, with penalties for copyright or trademark infringement, punitive damages, and responsibility for all legal fees.  We will vigorously pursue all violations of our copyright.  You have been warned.

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Rent-A-Hacker, Inc. will not at any time entertain
offers or solicitations for unlawful acts!


We will NOT hack AOL, HotMail or other similar Tier1 service providers' systems.  We don't have time to even bother responding to this foolishness, but we might just send your request to their System Administrators or Legal Department who have the time to file a complaint with a Federal Prosecutor if you persist.


We will NOT change your school grades.  If you spent less time on the Internet and more time studying you probably wouldn't need to ask!


We will NOT do damage like Denial of Service attacks to another's systems.  We're the guys that catch the losers that feel the need to do this kind of mindless damage.  We'd be happy to attack you, however, so you can see how your system stands up to it.


We will NOT ever do anything whatsoever that could put a child or minor in a position of danger or legal compromise, nor will we take assignments from others that do.  For example, we will not help secure your kiddie-porn server, but we'd be glad to turn your rotten ass in to the US Secret Service or Interpol for running one.


When we receive what we believe to be good faith requests that constitute criminal solicitation we often write back and explain that while we can not even discuss the criminal request, we often have alternate solutions to the person's problem.  Example:  While it is illegal for us to hack into your suspected spouses computer at work, you typically have the right to monitor communications on your own computer at home, regardless of who uses it, including that spouse, so we may be able to put a "keylogger" on your computer for you.

Any communications of a knowingly criminal nature may
be forwarded to the proper authorities, at our discretion.

Solicitation to commit a crime is, in itself, a crime.

You have been warned!